About Me

I'm a hobbyist urban landscape photographer based in The Netherlands. I also make synthpop music. My photographs are mainly focusing on traces of human intervention and their relation with the surrounding landscape. My list of favorite photos on Flickr will show you what inspires me.

Minemice is my music alias and its songs are inspired by music from the 80's and 90's. Each of the photo series I've made is inspired by a Minemice song.

In my daily life I work as a freelance 3D artist. Most of the time I work on interior design projects. In my spare time I like to design stuff related to trains. You can see some of my 3D designs here


2018 Nizhny Tagil Museum of Fine Art, Nizhny Tagil, Russia
2018 Gallery of Modern Art Space Place, Nizhny Tagil, Russia


2018 Photo series "Legal Issues" featured on Thought Landscape
2018 Several songs on the soundtrack of graphic novel The Scientists by Geoff Weber and Trent Beckett
2016 Song "I Can't Find You" entered as #10 in Top 10 Week 23 on Drive Radio
2016 Song "Nightcall" featured on Episode #43 of the podcast EMG Radio
2014 My remix of Pinemarten-Just Friends featured on Synthetix Sundays 26 on Radio Pure Gently

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